Hi, I'm Cody and I'm just an everyday dad! EllaMenoPea came to life when I decided I was done buying cheaply made furniture for my kiddos.  I was looking for children's furniture that was stylish, high quality, built like a brick house, eco-friendly, and made in the good 'ol USA. 

Needless to say I didn't find what I was looking for so I started designing and building modern children's furniture in my garage, my very small stroller overloaded garage.  At first I cranked out a few designs for my daughter Ella who was at that oh so great "I can do it myself" stage of toddlerhood and in need of furniture that gave her lots and lots of independence.  One thing led to another and with the blessing of my wife Bethany, who is Chief Everything Officer of our family, EllaMenoPea was officially born. Today, EllaMenoPea furniture can be found in millions of homes around the world. Err...actually that's not true.  We're pretty small but it's good to dream and shoot for the stars.   

In case you are curious, yes, Ella is the "Ella" in EllaMenoPea.  I was singing the ABC's to her and slowed down to say "LMNOP" when it hit me.  Perfect, right?

Owner, EllaMenoPea